Is It Allergies? This Is How You Can Find Out

Allergies aren’t fun for anybody, especially small children who can’t always verbalize their symptoms and feelings. From seasonal allergies to food and pet dander allergies, there are many different ways allergies can get the best of your child. It’s important not to ignore these symptoms and simply hope they go away. Instead, seek pediatric allergy testing that will define the exact allergy and help your child’s pediatrician identify the most effective treatment.

Allergy Testing Protocol

The easiest and most common way to identify the cause of allergy symptoms is something called a skin test. During a skin test, a small bit of a diluted version of an allergen is placed on your child’s skin as that area of the skin is lightly scratched. You and your child can choose whether this is done on the back of the arm or the forearm. After fifteen minutes has passed, your child’s pediatrician will look for any red, raised spots where the allergen was applied. The presence of a rash indicates that the utilized allergen reacts poorly with the body.

Most children need to be tested with multiple allergens since it is difficult to narrow down allergy triggers to just one potential source. If any type of food causes the raised, red bumps to appear on the skin, a blood test might be used to confirm the allergy. If the blood drawn contains high levels of specific antibodies to the food in question, it confirms the food allergy.

Treating Allergies

By working with the team at Pediatric Care of Four Corners in Davenport, Florida to diagnose and treat your child’s allergies, you’ll know you are receiving the very best care. Different allergies require unique treatment methods, and Dr. ElSayed has years of experience specializing in pediatric medical care. She will help you identify both lifestyle and medication solutions to alleviate your child’s allergy suffering. This might include antihistamine medication, natural home remedies, the use of an air purifier, and cutting certain foods out of your child’s diet.

To make an appointment with Pediatric Care of Four Corners and help get your child’s allergies under control, call today at 863-804-6194.

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