The Best Ways to Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

Summer is an exciting time as children finish school and get ready to enjoy a few months of swimming, sunshine, and family time. However, summer also presents its own unique dangers for children that all parents should be prepared to prevent with these simple tips.

Vacation Travel: Drive Safe!

As the cost of airplane tickets soar, more families are loading up the car and driving to their vacation destinations. The roads are bound to be packed on any given day, so as you prepare to drive with your family up or down the coast, take some precautionary measures. Double check that all of your children are using the proper type of seating. According to Florida law, all children under the age of five years old must legally sit in a federally-approved car seat, and it’s always safest to keep your baby in a rear-facing car seat until the age of 2. Children who don’t need a car seat must wear a seatbelt, and it is always recommended that children ride in the back seat until at least 12 years old.

Swimming Safety

The sweltering heat of a Florida summer makes swimming a necessity, but don’t forget to enforce safety protocols as you and your children enjoy the cool, refreshing water. Whether you are in a pool or the ocean, establish ground rules that will keep your kids safe: no running around the edge of the pool; swim only when a lifeguard is present; and leave the ocean if an undertow develops. It’s also a great idea to enroll your young children in a few weeks of swim lessons at the beginning of summer, so that they can use their new skills all summer long.

Don’t Forget About the Grill

No summer is complete without a few cookouts, but the grill is a major safety hazard for children of all ages. Be sure to supervise the grill the entire time it is in use, as this will prevent any curious children from placing themselves in harm’s way. If you handle raw meat, wash your hands immediately to prevent the spread of disease to others. Of course, if you are cooking hot dogs or other foods that are known choking hazards, cut everything up into small pieces for young children.

If you have any questions about summer safety for your children, or need a health issue addressed quickly, just call (863) 804-6194 to make an appointment at Pediatric Care of Four Corners in Davenport, Florida. Dr. Eiman ElSayed and her compassionate team at Pediatric Care of Four Corners are here to give your children the medical care they need to stay healthy and enjoy summer to its fullest.

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