tick season

Tackle Tick Season with These Safety Precautions

Ticks are one of the most bothersome and dangerous downsides to the summer season. As a parent, you want to protect your children from ticks and the diseases they carry, so it is important to head into this tick season with a strong understanding of the best tick prevention methods. Basic Facts About Ticks



The Best Ways to Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

Summer is an exciting time as children finish school and get ready to enjoy a few months of swimming, sunshine, and family time. However, summer also presents its own unique dangers for children that all parents should be prepared to prevent with these simple tips. Vacation Travel: Drive Safe! As the cost of airplane tickets…Keep Reading



heat related injuries

The Best Ways to Prevent Heat-Related Injuries this Summer

Summer weather, especially in Florida, might feel great on the beach, but it can cause a variety of health problems for children participating in sports. Florida’s heat and humidity often feel so overwhelming that it’s hard to imagine just walking outside. Yet each day, children participate in intense and demanding sports right alongside their teammates….Keep Reading



sports hydration

Sports Hydration for Kids

There are many essential elements of safety that need to be considered when children play sports. Particularly in Florida’s hot weather, sports hydration must always remain a top safety priority. Most young athletes don’t realize how frequently they need to drink water in order to cool their bodies and support major functions like blood circulation,…Keep Reading



sunscreen for babies

Sunscreen for Babies

Protecting your skin from the sun should always remain a high priority, especially during Florida’s hot spring and summer months. However, you cannot always slather your baby in sunscreen the same way you cover yourself. With summer right around the corner, it is important to understand sunscreen for babies safety rules. Don’t Use Sunscreen Until…Keep Reading



Why Won’t My Newborn Stop Crying?

All babies cry, that’s no secret. But many newborn babies cry continually, howling and whimpering with no end while frantic, exhausted, frustrated parents try to uncover the root of the crying. If you can relate to this situation, you know exactly how scary it can be to feel powerless and lost without a way to…Keep Reading

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