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The concerning behaviors of ADHD can be overwhelming for any parent. At Pediatric Care of Four Corners in Davenport, Florida, skilled pediatrician, Eiman ElSayed, MD, understands how difficult ADHD-related symptoms can be on the whole family. Dr. ElSayed offers comprehensive care that focuses on the needs of your child. She can recommend behavior therapy and medications to treat ADHD and offers compassionate support as your child learns to cope and thrive.

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What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a medical condition that affects a child’s behaviors due to differences in brain activity and development.
While it's typical for young children to have issues paying attention and following directions due to their age, ADHD can cause difficulties that become frequent and severe enough to interfere with their life at home and school.

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What are the symptoms of ADHD?

Children with ADHD may show symptoms in one or more categories:

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Inattention describes being easily distracted and unable to stay focused or concentrate on routine tasks. Kids with ADHD may have difficulty following directions or finishing things they start and often appear forgetful.


Impulsivity describes behaviors where children act without thinking. ADHD can cause children to frequently interrupt other people’s conversations or perform risky behaviors regardless of the consequences.


Hyperactivity is an inability to sit still even for short periods of time. Children with hyperactivity tend to be frequently restless or bored. They may also be prone to roughhousing and jumping around.

If your child has any of the symptoms that seem to worsen over time, schedule an ADHD consultation at Pediatric Care of Four Corners today.


ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment


How is ADHD diagnosed?

To determine if excessive behaviors relate to ADHD and not another underlying medical condition, your provider performs a physical exam and discusses your child’s behaviors at home.

They may also request more information from your child’s teachers and caregivers to get a full understanding of your child’s condition before confirming a diagnosis.

How is ADHD treated?

The treatment plan for ADHD depends on your child’s specific needs. The team at Pediatric Care of Four Corners offers a variety of treatment options for ADHD symptoms that focus on reducing hyperactivity and helping your child better manage their other behaviors.
Often, children with ADHD benefit from behavior therapy to learn necessary coping skills and improve their ability to focus. Your provider can also recommend coaching resources for you as a parent that help support your child’s therapy and success at school and home. They may also involve your child’s school and other caregivers to ensure everyone is on the same page.
In some cases, medication is necessary to improve brain function and help your child stay in control of their behaviors. Medication therapy can also benefit your child’s focus and ability to pay attention.

If you have concerns about impulsive behaviors or your child’s struggle in school, schedule a diagnostic evaluation for ADHD by calling Pediatric Care of Four Corners or book an appointment online today.

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