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When your child isn’t feeling well due to a sudden illness or injury, you can request a same-day sick visit at Pediatric Care of Four Corners in Davenport, Florida. Board-certified pediatrician, Eiman ElSayed, MD, and her team offer comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for a variety of pediatric illnesses, including colds and flu, infections, and allergic reactions. They customize your child’s care plan to quickly relieve symptoms, so your child can return to their normal routine as soon as possible.

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The team at Pediatric Care of Four Corners diagnoses and treats a variety of common pediatric conditions and illnesses. They recommend scheduling a sick visit if your child has a high fever or other symptoms that continue to worsen instead of getting better.

You can request a sick visit to address:

    Sore throat.
    Allergic reaction.
    Asthma attack.
    Cold and flu symptoms.
    Persistent nausea and diarrhea.

If you’re unsure about needing a sick visit or if your child experiences other sudden, unexplained symptoms, burns, or bleeding, contact Pediatric Care of Four Corners for guidance. The team works hard to get you a same-day appointment whenever possible.

When your child suffers a serious injury, like visible broken bones, severe asthma attack, or a seizure, take them to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

Schedule a same-day sick visit by calling Pediatric Care of Four Corners now or book an appointment online today

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What can I expect during a sick visit?

To confirm a diagnosis of your child’s symptoms, the team at Pediatric Care of Four Corners offers several on-site diagnostic tests, including blood work and strep throat tests.
The team also performs a thorough physical exam of your child, noting areas of pain, swelling, or signs of infection.
Once they understand the root cause and severity of your child’s symptoms, the team creates a treatment plan that focuses on both the short-term and long-term relief of symptoms.

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What treatments are available for pediatric illnesses?

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Based on your child’s specific needs, the team provides the highest level of individualized care to help your child feel better and prevent the worsening of their condition.

Your child may need over-the-counter or prescription medicines to treat cold and flu symptoms, persistent diarrhea, and fevers. For infections in the ear or upper respiratory system, your provider may prescribe a course of antibiotics to clear the infection.
The Pediatric Care of Four Corners team also provides on-site treatment of open wounds, minor burns, and asthma attacks. They can refer you for additional care if your child suffers an orthopedic injury, such as a fracture, or if they need specialized care for chronic diseases.
You can expect to schedule a follow-up appointment after a sick visit that allows the team to ensure treatment is working properly and that your child is feeling better.

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To request a same-day sick visit at Pediatric Care of Four Corners, call the office now. You can also use the online booking system to schedule a sick visit appointment.

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