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When your child isn’t reaching traditional milestones, like crawling and talking, you can schedule a comprehensive evaluation for developmental disorders at Pediatric Care of Four Corners. The Davenport, Florida, pediatric office is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic tests that board-certified pediatrician, Eiman ElSayed, MD, uses to better understand developmental delays. Dr. ElSayed and her team are skilled in treating autism, speech disorders, and other developmental disorders using a patient-centered care plan.

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Common childhood developmental disorders

Developmental disorders describe mental health issues that make it difficult for a child to achieve early developmental milestones, such as walking, talking, and developing social skills.

Some of the most common developmental disorders that affect children include:

    Speech disorders.
    Learning disabilities.
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Through early diagnosis and intervention, many children can overcome developmental delays and disorders to be successful socially, at home, and in school.

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About Developmental Disorders diagnosis

If you notice your child has difficulties with certain tasks or is not achieving certain milestones as they grow, you should schedule a comprehensive evaluation at Pediatric Care of Four Corners.
The medical team takes time to understand your child’s behaviors at home, at school, and in other social situations.
They first rule out underlying medical conditions that may interfere with learning and development through a physical exam and a review of their personal and family medical history. The team also offers hearing and digital vision screenings to ensure your child isn’t struggling due to poor vision or limited hearing.
Through a series of age-appropriate evaluations, the Pediatric Care of Four Corners medical team can identify developmental issues that interfere with your child’s growth and overall health.

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How are developmental disorders treated?

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There are a variety of resources available at Pediatric Care of Four Corners to support your child’s health growth and development.
For conditions like autism, ADHD, and other behavioral disorders, your child may benefit from behavior therapy where they can learn techniques to improve certain skills and manage their behaviors. As a parent, therapy is also available to help you cope with your child’s condition and learn how to support them fully.
In addition to therapy, some children may need medications to support their brain activity and help them overcome certain learning or behavioral difficulties.

Throughout your child’s journey, the Pediatric Care of Four Corners medical team carefully monitors their progress and their ability to achieve developmental milestones. They offer support and guidance for you as a parent to ensure you have the resources you need to help your child succeed.

If you have concerns about developmental delays in your child, schedule a consultation by calling Pediatric Care of Four Corners or by requesting a consultation online today

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