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For expectant moms, the team at Pediatric Care of Four Corners in Davenport, Florida, offers comprehensive newborn care services to provide you with resources before and after your child’s birth. Board-certified pediatrician, Eiman ElSayed, MD, offers a meet and greet program to familiarize expectant moms with available services. Dr. ElSayed also provides newborn visits that focus on preventive health care.

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What newborn care services are available?

The team at Pediatric Care of Four Corners understands the importance of choosing the right pediatrician for your family. They offer a meet and greet program that invites you into the office to get to know the team and the services they offer before your baby is born.
Additionally, the pediatric team provides comprehensive care for newborns soon after birth, starting with the first check-up after discharge from the hospital.
Ideally, you should schedule a meet and greet appointment at Pediatric Care of Four Corners early in your pregnancy, so you have the support you need as you get closer to labor and delivery.
For your child’s first newborn check-up, you should contact the office within a few days of your discharge from the hospital.

Schedule a newborn care consultation or a meet and greet by calling Pediatric Care of Four Corners today or request an appointment online now!

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What can I expect during a newborn check-up?

During your baby’s first post-hospital evaluation, the Pediatric Care of Four Corners team reviews your baby’s medical information and details about your pregnancy and delivery.

As part of a comprehensive check-up, you can expect the team to physically examine your baby and note important information about their:

    Skin health.
    Body temperature.
    Head circumference.

The team also evaluates how well your baby’s umbilical cord is healing and that the area is free of infection. Your baby can also receive important vaccinations to protect them from serious contagious diseases, like mumps, measles, and whooping cough.
The team creates a timeline for additional check-ups every few months to closely monitor your baby’s growth and development until your child reaches age two, when they begin annual wellness checks.
You can also contact the office if your newborn has a fever or other symptoms that need medical attention.

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What resources are available for expectant moms?

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For expectant moms and dads, the team at Pediatric Care of Four Corners offers a variety of resources to address common questions and concerns about your baby’s development. The team can assist you with issues concerning:


You can also get customized treatments for common newborn conditions, like diaper rashes and colic, and receiving for soothing a crying or teething baby.

If you’re expecting your first or next baby and need a caring, compassionate pediatrician, schedule a consultation at Pediatric Care of Four Corners.

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